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LifeStream Complete Senior Living Skilled Nursing – Skilled Nursing in Arizona

If you’re searching for affordable 24-hour skilled nursing in Arizona, and the most effective rehab, Arizona’s own LifeStream Skilled Nursing is a trusted provider of professional and compassionate care for seniors living in the Valley. For over 30 years, LifeStream skilled nursing has upheld its reputation as a leading not-for-profit provider of affordable rehab and medical services. Administered by registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, restorative nursing aides, physical, occupation and speech therapists and physicians, we offer a complete range of custom rehabilitative health care in soothing, comfortable surroundings. On-site social and recreational events provide warmth and enjoyment to keep spirits high during recuperation and care. The long term care services experienced in our care centers exemplifies our commitment to faith, family, and community.


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LifeStream at Cook Health Care

Lifestream at Sun Ridge


The Best Choice for Long Term Care – LifeStream Skilled Nursing in Arizona

We believe that skilled nursing care is best when it is in the service of assisting Residents to achieve their highest level of independence and capability. Our skilled nursing program is committed to empowering each Resident through individualized programs to reach goals of increased independence. We provide as much autonomy as possible within a nurturing and supportive environment.

Lifestream offers around the clock skilled nursing to accommodate our Residents that need the highest level of care. We are fully equipped and staffed to host Residents with various needs, from a little help with simple tasks, to post-operative recovery treatment. Quality of life is the focus when engaging Residents in rehab activities that build strength, dexterity, cognition, and memory so seniors can go about living as they truly want to. Our focus is to create a warm and inviting environment in which Residents will thrive and heal. Residents’ days are filled with comfort, independence and meaning as they work towards recovery.